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  • Access Control

    access control

    Access control gives you the power to decide who has access into and around your building.

  • Digital cylinder

    Digital Cylinders

    The digital locking cylinder has a locking function and an access control system with a range of features

  • Smart Handle

    Digital Smart Handle

    The digital SmartHandle is available with two different fixing methods

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Halls Access Control

One of the most important decisions facing businesses is how to secure their premises and, by leveraging the innovative range of access control systems developed by SimonsVoss, Halls of Cambridge is well-placed to deliver optimum levels of access control for organisations of all sizes, providing to Cambridge, Peterborough and high quality access control for businesses in and around London as well as other areas within the UK.

SimonsVoss is a technological leader in the field of digital locking and. Combining the wide-range of sophisticated keyless entry access control and door entry systems developed and brought to market by SimonsVoss, Halls of Cambridge empowers businesses to control who is able to access their building and surrounding area, offering elevated levels of security and genuine peace of mind.

Regardless of the size of organisations, protecting its assets against theft and vandalism – and, moreover, protecting its staff – is crucial. Halls of Cambridge is proud to deliver solutions that provide unparalleled levels protection but are also easy to install, whilst utilising the finest access control and door entry systems available, which are discreet and sympathetically designed. Furthermore, electronic locking systems offer long-term cost savings versus more conventional locking systems such as individual key or Master key systems.

Halls of Cambridge can supply and install award-winning electronic locking systems produced by SimonsVoss, including access control systems and door entry systems, which transcend the ordinary. Indeed, the revolutionary SimonsVoss System 3060 employs wireless technology, culminating in a revolutionary digital solution whereby a transponder replaces the more conventional key option.

The System 3060 is extremely versatile and can be readily applied to both new and retro-fit applications. Enhanced levels of flexibility and straightforward cost-saving assembly are two key benefits synonymous with the System 3060. In essence, if you are seeking a low-maintenance, cost-effective yet highly sophisticated access control and locking plan system, whether you are local to us or would like a high profile system installed anywhere else in the country contact Halls of Cambridge without delay.