VIDEX Systems Access Control Systems from Halls Access Control Cambridge

VIDEX Security Access Control Systems

Biometric and Access Control Specialists, Door Entry Systems and Audio and Video Entry.

Videx is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of door entry and access control products in the UK. Since its incorporation in 1985 Videx has rapidly expanded with products for both the private and public sectors, has a continued research and development program and prides itself on after sales service and technical support. Additionally we are a Secure by Design Door Entry & Access Control Member Company with a range of products tested to STS202 BR2 Level of Burglary Resistance.

Access control can take the form of a keypad, a proximity reader using key fobs or a BioAccess technology such as finger print recognition. Both stand alone and networked solutions are available with systems capable of unlimited entrance points and up to 15000 users with the network being provided via either RS485 or Ethernet using LAN or WAN.

Coded Access

Choose from a variety of keypads each with a host of features including multiple codes, back lit keys, 12-24V ac/dc operation and surface or flush mount in a number of standard and vandal resistant finishes.

Proximity Access

Stand alone and networked proximity access control. System with up to 15000 users and unlimited entrances can be achieved. Mix coded access, proximity access and bio access devices all on one system.

Biometric Access

Finger print readers are available for both stand alone and networked applications.